The dual BA-MA in Romance Languages and Literatures with a subplan in French and Francophone Studies offers students the opportunity to gain a thorough proficiency in the French language, through work on the skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, as well as a broad knowledge of French and Francophone literatures and cultures from various historical periods and regions of the world. The program is designed to prepare students for careers in a variety of fields, including academia, international development, international business, diplomacy, law, journalism, publishing, social work, and public health. The MA gives UNC graduates a unique advantage when entering the job market or applying for doctoral work in French or another field.

As part of their studies, students are encouraged to spend time abroad through programs such as the UNC program in Montpellier, France, the summer exchange program at McGill University in Montreal, and the summer exchange program in Paris. The Office of Study Abroad offers a variety of exchange programs and internships, so students can gain experience in French-speaking environments, work on their language skills, and develop ties for their future careers.



Undergraduate students at UNC interested in the dual BA-MA program should speak to the Graduate Advisor in French, Dr. Hassan Melehy, no later than the beginning of their third semester in order to plan their program of study and be sure that they will be able to meet requirements. It is strongly recommended that students intending to complete the dual BA-MA program meet with Dr. Melehy once per semester until their admission to the graduate level.


Students wishing to pursue the dual BA-MA in French and francophone studies apply to the MA program in the sixth, seventh, or eighth semester of undergraduate study (between the spring semester of their third and the spring semester of their fourth year). For admission to study on the MA level in the fall semester, students should apply no later than January 8, 2013, and for admission in the spring semester (in rare circumstances) TBD. For undergraduates applying to UNC’s Graduate School to pursue the dual BA-MA program, the application fee is waived, and no letters of recommendation or GRE scores are required. For application instructions, students should refer to the Web sites of the Graduate School and the Department of Romance Languages.


The dual BA-MA program normally will take ten semesters to complete. Students who enroll at UNC with sufficient Advanced Placement and/or International Baccalaureate credits may finish the BA portion of the program in either semesters six, seven, or eight. After completing 60 baccalaureate credits (2 years or the equivalent), students may take courses on the post-baccalaureate level. Up to three graduate-level courses (9 credit hours) taken during the BA phase of the program may subsequently be counted toward the MA, as long as students also take enough courses within eight semesters to meet the 120-credit BA graduation requirement. The 9 transferred credit hours may not count toward the 120-credit hours for the undergraduate degree.


Course requirements


The diverse offerings of the dual BA-MA program include courses at the baccalaureate level and the post-baccalaureate level. Among course topics at the baccalaureate level are French civilization, advanced oral and written French, French cultural studies, literatures of the Francophone world (the Maghreb, the Machreq, the French Caribbean, Haiti, Vietnam, China), the role of France in Europe today, and identities in European cinema.


Students in this dual BA-MA program will acquire a broad knowledge of all periods of French and Francophone literatures and cultures from various regions of the world by completing the following requirements:


  • 120 semester credit hours at the baccalaureate level, which will conform to the requirements for a B.A. from the College of Arts and Sciences and the major in Romance languages with an emphasis French and Francophone Studies.
  • 30 credit hours at the post-baccalaureate level. This coursework will consist of 24 hours of coursework in French and Francophone literatures and cultures, ROML500 (research methods, 3 hours), and 3 hours of thesis credits (FREN 993). In their last semester, students will write a MA thesis. Courses will be chosen from the list below in consultation with the Graduate Advisor in French.
  • Students may begin taking courses at the MA level as early as their third year in college. While they are still officially in the baccalaureate program, they may take up to 3 post-baccalaureate level courses (9 credit hours) that will subsequently be transferred to the MA program, as long as they take enough courses in addition to these to meet the 120-credit BA graduation requirement.
  • In the event that a student starts the program and completes the BA requirements but not the MA requirements, he or she will be awarded a BA in Romance Langauges with an emphasis in French and Francophone Studies.

Courses for the program


The following is a list of graduate courses in French relevant to this concentration.


FREN451 Orientalist Fantasies and Discourses on the Other


ROML500 Research Methods (required course: students will develop research methodologies and approaches for using their foreign language skills in their future professions)


FREN504 Cultural War: French/US Perspectives


FREN594 (proposed) Writing the Mediterranean: Cross-cultural Perspectives on the Early Modern World


FREN611 French Novelists of the Twentieth Century


FREN613 Twentieth-Century Literature


FREN615 Readings in Francophone Literature


FREN616 Readings in Cultural Studies


FREN630 Postmodernisms


FREN661 Studies in French Renaissance


FREN662 Poetry of the French Renaissance


FREN670 Studies in Seventeenth-Century French Literature


FREN683 Eighteenth-Century Prose


FREN685 Libertinism


FREN790 Diaspora and Transculturalism in Quebecois Literature


FREN714 French Drama of the Twentieth Century


FREN722 French Studies of the Middle Ages


FREN726 French Feminist Theory


FREN734 Seventeenth-Century Drama


FREN735 Eighteenth-Century Drama


FREN781 The Eighteenth-Century Novel


FREN784 Philosophers of the Enlightenment


FREN789 Franco-Asian Encounters


FREN793 Nineteenth-Century French Literature


FREN797 Fin-de-Siècle Literatures


FREN830 Seminar


FREN840 Special Readings


In addition, students may take up to two courses at the MA level from outside the French program. To do so, they must obtain prior permission from the Graduate Advisor in French.




During their final semester of the dual BA-MA program in French and Francophone Studies, students will register for three hours of FREN 993, Master’s Thesis, and write a MA thesis, usually a thoroughly researched revision of a seminar paper, 25-45 pages.




All students will take the MA written exam in French.


Sample program


For a student beginning at UNC with 2-3 years of high school French and 9 AP credits transferable to the BA program.


First semester FREN203, 3 general education courses, 1 additonal course outside French. 15 BA credits
Second semester FREN204, 3 general education courses, 1 additional course outside French. 15 BA credits
Third semester FREN260, 1 other 200-level French course, 2 general eduation courses, 1 additional course outside French. 15 BA credits
Fourth semester 2 300-level French courses, 1 general education course, 2 additional courses outside French. 15 BA credits
Fifth semester 2 300-level French courses, 1 general education course, 2 additional courses outside French. 15 BA credits
Sixth semester 2 300-level French courses, 1 general education course, 2 additional courses outside French. 15 BA credits
Seventh semester 1 300-level French course, 1 600- or 700-level French course, 3 courses outside French. 12 BA credits, 3 MA credits
Eighth semester ROML500, 1 600- or 700-level French course, 1 general education course, 2 additional courses outside French.


The student will apply for admission to the graduate level during this semester: the deadline is March 15.9 BA credits, 6 MA credits


With AP credits, the student has so far earned 129 credits, of which 9 are at the MA level; all MA credits will be transferred to the graduate program.Ninth semester4 French courses, 600- or 700-level12 MA creditsTenth semester2 French courses, 600- or 700-level, FREN993 (thesis credits)9 MA credits